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Vision & Mission


A leading Institution in the provision of lifelong skills for innovation and creativity for sustainable development.

Mission Statement:

To provide lifelong skills for innovation and creativity for sustainable development.

Core Values:

1.Team work and Commitment
2. Transparency and Accountability
3. Creativity and innovation
4. Professionalism and Integrity
5. Innovation and creativity
6. Non-discrimination
7. Quality service delivery
8. Flexibility in service delivery
9. Diligence and commitment to duty
10. Efficient and Timelines

Institutional objectives:

1. To provide adequate and appropriate skilled artisans, craft persons, Technicians and Technologists at all levels of the economy through practical training and work experience.
2. To provide increased training opportunities for the increasing school leavers and other trainees to increase employability
3. To provide a dynamic curriculum responsive to the manpower needs of a dynamic economy.
4. To impart marketable skills, technical know- how and attitudes that respond to contemporary labour demands by the industry, informal sector and for self-employment.
5. Promote dignity and decency of labour, particularly manual work.
6. Transfer technology continuously through collaborative approach between the college and the industries.
7. To provide lifelong skills to learners that will enable them to cope with the challenges of adulthood and working life.


Maasai Mara Techical & Vocational College (MMTVC) is located in Eor-Ekule Shopping Centre, 15Km from Narok Town. It stands on appox 50 acre land and has 8 standard classrooms and 4 standard workshops for Automotive, Production, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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